The Party in the USA


Homecoming queen, Heather Mcdougal walked by football players, Cody Jeter, and Gaven Peterie

Ashlyn Tiller

On September 27th, Fair Grove High held their annual homecoming festivities of a coronation, a game, and a dance. 

In a way to get excited for Fridays events, many students participated in spirit week. With the dance theme being USA, the themes for spirit week were quite unique. Tuesdays theme was America’s heartlands, kids dressed in overalls and cowboy boots to fit the farmer look. Wednesday was America’s heroes, so students dressed in camo. Thursdays theme was America’s hometown, so students wore purple to support Fair Grove. And finally Fridays theme was America’s birthday, or red white and blue. 

Before the game Friday night, the princess coronation was held. All of the princesses and queen candidates were elected by the Fair Grove student body.

Freshman princess, Carissa Thompson, was walked by Bryce Thornton (12) and Brenden Ferguson (12). Sophomore princess, Lydia Engel, was walked by Cole Gilpin (12) and Blake Bridges (12). Junior princess, Erin Blevins, was walked by Garrett Cross (12) and Tanner Lumley (11).

The first homecoming senior queen candidate was Jade Walker-Haumann. She was walked by Darin Oplotnik(12) and David Oplotnik (12). The second queen candidate was Heather Mcdougal. She was walked by Cody Jeter (12) and Gaven Peterie (12). The third queen candidate was Ambria Jones. She was walked by Hale Beckley (12) and Dominick Hoskins (12). Last years homecoming queen, Kalyn Wheat, came back to crown this years queen.

Mcdougal, who was crowned 2019 homecoming queen, said, “My favorite part was wearing the tiara… and knowing that my peers saw me as someone who is kind and deserves that spot.”

After the coronation, the Fair Grove football players took down Stockton in a 56-12 win. The team is going into the rest of their season with a 5-0 record. 

After the game the homecoming dance was held in the highschool courtyard. Students enjoyed snacks, took pictures with the banner, and of course, danced!