El Gran Queso – Habanero Jack


Samantha Horvath

Everyone has a favorite something. Whether it’s a food, clothing brand, or even a cheese. Every three weeks, I am going to produce a short review of a new cheese I’ve tried, and I’m going to take you along on the ride. This week I’ll be analyzing a new favorite I’ve only recently discovered. As you read, I want you to really immerse yourself into the text and read in the voice of an old art critic. 

Throughout my short years of life, I have discovered many different variations of cheese, or “queso.” I have much more to come across, but from what my palate has already sampled, I know Habanero Jack is a particular favorite. According to research there appears to be around 750 different types of cheeses in discovery. Out of this great amount I have only had the honor of testing around 12. This quantity is unkind to what I wish it was. 

When the Habanero Jack fell upon my tastebuds, I was taken away by the creamy consistency of the cheese. After a few gnaws, the spiciness of the habanero peppers struck and I was thrashed with immense joy. I was overwhelmed by its intricate contrast of flavor that struck me speechless and captured my ability to describe such an amazing gift bestowed upon my mouth. If I absolutely had to rate such a present, I would have to voice an eight out of ten. I cannot hold myself to rate anything a ten out of ten because, as I said above, there are around 750 types in existence.

I was suggested by various people to test out goat cheese. I’ve heard mostly positive reviews about it and, of course, a few negative. I hope to try it by the next El Gran Queso review, and give you a true opinion of the cheese. Until next time, stay cheesy my friends.