Shakespeare who?


Directors, Bria Jones, Sydney Hansen, Georgia Whalley, Devon Miller, Dane Psyhos, and Autumn Stuart

Jocelyn Roberts

This year Fair Grove theater will be doing something new for their fall play. Two students will have the honor of writing one of this years one acts and six students will be directing.  All the plays are in the theme of “The Bards Tears, Fears, and Cheers.” The titles of each play is Hamlet A Murderous Mystery, I hate Shakespeare, and Romeo and Juliet. The plays will be held on November 8th and 9th in the Fair Grove Upper Elementary Gym. The students who will be leading this are Georgia Whalley (12), Devon Miller (10), Sydney Hanson (10), Dane Psyhos (12), Autumn Stuart (12) , and Bria Jones (12). 

The themes will all be Shakespearian. Whalley and Miller will be directing Hamlet A Murderous Mystery, Jones and Hansen will be writing and directing Romeo and Juliet, while Psyhos and Stuart will be directing I hate Shakespeare. The plays will be shown in a modern light. According to Miller, “I want Hamlet to have a more modern take but still have a classical tone to it.” There will only be these three plays for the fall but the school will have a musical coming in spring.

Many of the students feel a lot of stress and pressure in making the productions successful. Psyhos took a moment to think then said, “There is definitely some pressure to put on a good show. Within the small amount of time frame it’s difficult for it to reach its full potential but I think we can reach it.” All students were voted on, they did not get to pick their partners which could make it a struggle to agree and decide how the play should be written. For any further questions ask the theater teacher, Amy Holland.