Little Eagles


Erin Blevins

The little eagles volleyball team had a pre-season camp with the high schoolers helping run the camp. The camp is to motivate the girls and help them find a love for being on the court. 

During this two day camp, the girls learned basic skills for the sport including passing, setting, and serving. They played competitive games that helped the girls learn about the rules of volleyball while still having fun. One of the best things for those involved, was having the high school players help with drills. Kenna Fishback, a 6th grader, commented, “The older girls help me when I need help passing or setting. They let me know when I’m not doing something right.”

The camp is focused on motivating the young girls. Coach Peck said, “Motivation at a young age is fairly simple.  They just love being on the court with the HS girls and having fun. We also have a small snack at the beginning of the camp and then they get a t-shirt on the last day.  We also had a special elementary recognition night for those girls that attended the camp. They wore their camp shirt and got into Tuesday’s game vs. Bolivar for free. We had them on the floor with the varsity for the national anthem and during the starting line up.” All of the extra activities the girls get to do with the high schoolers really help their self esteem. 

What the camp does for the girls is prepare them for the years to come by installing a work ethic and passion for playing volleyball. Having older mentors that all the girls look up to make them want to work harder and keep their own motivation. The goal for the girls ending camp is that they learned more fundamentals and walk out with a smile on their face.