Halsey – Clementine


Writer, Ashlyn Tiller

Ashlyn Tiller

On September 28th Halsey dropped her new single, Clementine, and a music video to go along with it. The music video is simple, Halsey and Sevian Frangipane perform a dance in an aquarium. The aquarium is dressed out in cool tones, which I think matches the slow and chill tone of the song perfectly. 

The song is a piece of art in itself. The basics of the song is mainly piano, but there are still beats to offset it. The soft piano sets a pace that isn’t seen often on a lot of Halsey’s work. The simplicity of the music makes the listener really focus on the lyrics. 

As most Halsey songs, the lyrics are full of fantastic metaphors and perfect imagery. The first line can be linked to two of Halsey’s past songs, Colors and Hurricane, and a line at the end of the first verse can be linked to Halsey’s second album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. Personally, I love it when artists tie their music together. It makes everything seem like one big piece instead of different projects. 

The chorus seems like the most important and focused part of the whole song, because it is just two lines, but the way she layered the vocals created the illusion that it is more complex than it really is. Both lines are very relatable and can be easily connected to any teenage listener’s lives. 

Clementine doesn’t give the same feel as Halsey’s two albums. Both Badlands and Hopeless Fountain Kingdom have very pop-ish sounds to them; Clementine sounds the most like Halsey’s EP, with the slow rhythms and all of the imagery, which I think will reel in her old, current, and even new fans.