The Elementary’s Spooky Parade


Photo by Jocelyn Roberts

The elementary students showing their Halloween joy, through the High School

Jocelyn Roberts

Fair Grove Elementary does a Halloween parade every year and the students are getting ready for the event. The elementary starts their parade in the Middle School and makes its way to the High School then back down to the elementary. The Elementary principal, Mrs. Charity Hollan explained, “The costume parade is a long standing tradition for the elementary school.” The parade has been around for years and Hollan doesn’t plan on ending it any time soon. She continued, “I think many HS and MS students remember the parade from elementary school and the elementary enjoys it too.” The walk is a good time for the kids to show off their costumes and enjoy their time with friends.

Many High School teachers enjoy watching the kids walk through the High School. Mrs. Darci Friberg said, “I love it. It makes it exciting for the younger kids.” She loves to take pictures and really enjoys her time with the kids. When asked about her own kids costumes Friberg smiled wide and said “My kids pick their costumes and I make it for them.” Many kids enjoy showing off their costumes for the High Schoolers. 

Many kids have different costumes, some are scary and some are fun. The teachers put a lot of time preparing for their party by putting together different decorations around their classroom. Parents love to walk with their kids and enjoy the festivities. Hollan stated that “ The parade is a family event, giving the families an opportunity to be involved in the child’s classroom activities.” 


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