El Gran Queso- Goat Cheese


Samantha Horvath

I would like to formally welcome you back to another El Gran Queso review. In this week’s writing I will be sampling a well waited cheese, Goat cheese. My thoughts before I initially tried the cheese were mostly fear that it would taste similar to traditional mozzarella. I am not the biggest fan of traditional mozzarella, because of the “wet” texture. However, as a wise person always said, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” So, with this in mind, I went ahead and left my boundaries to try it. 

At first glance I was baffled by the true texture of the cheese. As mentioned above, I originally thought the cheese was similar to mozzarella; however, as I held it within my fingers, it revealed that it was similar to a creamier version of Feta cheese, which is crumbly and squishy all at once. 

I finally gained the courage to actually stick the sample piece in my mouth, and when I say I was blown away, I was blown away. If I had to compare it to something, I would compare it to cream cheese. I was struck with immense creaminess and flavor. For being in its basic form, it was delicious. 

If you were to try it, I suggest your first try the Goat cheese as a side. I think it would be a delectable addition to a creamy sauce, or as a substitute for cream cheese on an everything bagel. 

With the fear before and the happiness afterwards, I would like to rate this strange cheese a fair seven out of ten. With Habenero Jack still topping the charts on my favorites, I await a new cheese discovery that could possibly take that spot. In the next El Gran Queso, as suggested by a reader, I will be trying a special cheese. Stay tuned until then to find out what I try, and as always, stay cheesy my friends.