Fair Grove Football Districts 2019


Photo by Joshua Orr

Fair Grove Football boys at the beginning of their November 1st district game.

Ashlyn Tiller

Fair Grove high school football team is working on their district title. They already have wins in the first two rounds of districts. On November 1st, they had their first win against Butler. The final score was 56-6. The second game of districts was held November 8th against Versailles. It started as a close game, but ended as a victory of 56-28.  So far in their season they are undefeated with a record of 11-0.

To get themselves prepared for districts they have watched hours of film, spent time in the weight room, and have had consistent practices. Jeremy Faubion, an assistant coach, said, “Our starters work hard on the game plan, preparing to stop the other team defensively, and score on the other team.’’

 On Friday, November 15th, they played in the district championship against Lamar there are were some high expectations. 

Before the game, senior, Dominick Hoskins, commented, “I feel like Friday’s game is very important for me and Fair Grove in general. It would be a hard earned game it would be Fair Grove Football’s first district title in a long time.”

The team had some high expectations. It is almost thought to be fact that it would be a tough, but winnable game, and that the Fair Grove Eagles were going to come out on top. Beforehand senior, David Oplotnik, noted, “I am really excited and pumped about the upcoming game. It’s going to be a real test on how good and experienced our team this year and the outcome will show how far we have come since our freshman year.’’

Faubion added, “Lamar is a very tough opponent… They have won a district championship title every year since 2009. That being said, we are looking forward to playing in this game and attempting to win a championship.”

On November 15th the football team fell in the district championship to Lamar. They had a loss of 25-50.