NHS Members Volunteering this Holiday Season


Photo By Bailey Richardson

Senior, Madilyn Barker, working at the Eagle Nest coffee shop for NHS

Bailey Richardson

The Fair Grove National Honor Society (NHS) is volunteering their time this holiday season to improve the community. NHS is a nationwide organization that focuses on scholarship, leadership, service and character.

Mrs. Amy Johnson is the Fair Grove NHS sponsor and spends many of her hours involved in community service, like the other members. She believes that, “Students that participate learn the struggles of other people and that many people live a lifestyle very different from their own. Growing to be empathetic is a strong moral character important to young people and their development. Students with a heart for service grow up to be adults with a heart for service.” 

Brooke Heavin, a senior, is the president of the Fair Grove High School NHS chapter. This year she has participated in many events, such as PTO babysitting, MADD Walk, working the coffee shop, and ringing the bell for the Salvation Army. Through these events, her duties included watching kids, directing runners/walkers, preparing different treats for students, and volunteering her Saturday to receiving donations. Although Heavin enjoys the community service, she gets a special feeling of accomplishment out of it as well. She feels like “…I am making an impact in individual lives, along with improving our own community.” Heavin, along with other members, volunteer for this type of charity to help specifically to help their community, and are offended asked to volunteer their time. 

Georgia Whalley, a senior and new member of Fair Grove NHS, has spent most of her service hours working during school. She volunteered to work the Eagle’s Nest, which is the school coffee shop. Her duties included opening the shop, preparing food options, and brewing coffee for students, teachers and staff. Due to other extracurricular activities, Whalley hasn’t been able to volunteer as much as she would like. Although she is planning to work the Ronald McDonald House, this is important to her because, “We cook food and serve it to them so they can have a home-cooked meal without having to leave their loved one.” Whalley believes that NHS is a valuable organization with the purpose of helping others, being the best people possible, and opening their hearts to those who are not as fortunate.  

NHS members have already volunteered multiple hours to community service. They helped organization the Springfield M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) 5k walk/run on October 19th. Another event they have coming up include serving dinner at the Ronald McDonald House, where members cooking dinner for 10-25 family members in need. On a couple Saturdays throughout December, they have/will ring bells and receive donations for the Salvation Army. Fair Grove NHS members must complete 15 service hours throughout the school year.