De Ovejas- Pecorino Romano


Samantha Horvath

I recently tried an interesting cheese, Pecorino Romano. It started with another late night cooking session using random materials until I create a masterpiece adventure. A friend of mine likes to fuel my cheese obsession by buying new flavors every time she visits Aldi’s. I can’t complain because, like I said, I’m obsessed. 

I’m not only obsessed with cheese, but also the fact that it can create amazing things like fettuccine alfredo. And that is exactly what I was creating one December night. I always try, or smell, every seasoning and material that goes into my food dishes. So this is when I decided to try Pecorino Romano. Oh boy, did that cheese taste like cheese from between my toes. I hated every single second of the bite size pieces. At first I was struck with immense saltiness and the good flavor of Romano. However, the “good” flavor was disturbed after about a half a second by absolute rottenness. I have no idea how this “sheep’s milk” cheese was made or what was thrown into it, but I would never, and I mean NEVER, put it into a meal or taste test it again. 

After washing all of the foot fungus out of my mouth, I decided to think about the cheese and come up with an accurate rating. With the sheep’s cheese in mind, I chose to rate a fair one out of ten. The only reason it deserves the one point is because I feel it could be an interesting addition to a peppery meal. Thank you again for joining on this quite interesting ride, and as always, stay cheesy my friends.