A TV Trip Through Time


Photo by Bailey Richardson

The 2nd grade elementary students performing their annual music show.

Ashlyn Tiller

On Thursday, December 12th, the second grade elementary students put on their annual music performance. Mrs. Lumley, the elementary music teacher, led the program. Lumley said, “The cool thing is that some of them already watch these shows on Netflix, etc. Some of them enjoy singing the songs so much that they look up these old shows and watch them just because we started singing the songs.”

Throughout the year, the rest of the elementary grades will hold a musical program as well.   

The program includes songs from older TV shows, like theme songs from The Flintstones, Happy Days, The Brady Bunch, The Muppet Show, The Andy Griffith Show, Addam’s Family, Giligan’s Island and Scooby Doo. They also played the theme songs from Jeopardy, which was performed on the Tone Chimes, and The Beverly Hillbillies. Also, The Beverly Hillbillies song had a special guest. Mr. Porter’s son, Ado Porter, played the banjo.  

Lumley worked with all four of the second grade classes, which includes Mrs. Johnston, Mrs. Lair, Mrs. McKeever, and Mrs. Sekulic students. Since September they would meet on a weekly basis to go over the songs and speaking parts.  To add to the performance the kids had speaking parts and costumes. The speaking parts would contribute a few interesting facts and details from the shows to add to the performance. The kids would wear costumes to represent the main characters from the show. The children’s parents contributed by making the costumes. 

”Wow!! The costumes that the parents came up with were absolutely amazing.  It added so much to our performance!” told Lumley. 

Lumley added, “They did an amazing job performing for their parents and they seemed to have so much fun.  I think it’s important that children have a variety of experiences at school that teach them to work together for a common purpose.  They do something as a team that they could never accomplish alone.”