Fair Grove’s New Classes Giving Students Opportunities


Photo by Bailey Richardson

Mr. Cole Johnston teaching his new Ag Concervation class

Bailey Richardson

Fair Grove High School is offering 9 new classes to students this year. Students, being a semester into these classes, are getting a feel for their importance. 

Gracin Wood, a junior, is enrolled in Audio Storytelling, Debate, and 3D Sculpture Art. She believes, “Fair Grove High School offering these new classes is important and shows they are preparing for the new world.” Having classes such as 3D Sculpture Art allows students who wouldn’t necessarily take interest in a regular art class receive their Fine Art credit and enjoy their class time. “I get to create a lot of new memories and I get to create something of my own.” Wood stated, “Most importantly, not something everyone else makes.” 

Abigail Everett, a senior at Fair Grove who took Computer Science, taught by Mr. Michael Van Cleave. In this class, they work on websites and use games to learn about computer coding. Everett realized through this class that coding is not for her, which led her to narrow down her future college and career options. She believes “…Computer Science takes work and coding definitely is not always a walk in the park…the best part is when you finish a code you’ve worked super hard on because it’s so satisfying.” Everett considers her experience with Computer Science one of the perks of having new classes. “Adding new classes allows Fair Grove High School to adapt to what is wanted and needed. For example, Computer Science is getting more and more relevant with the daily use of computers. It is extremely important for us to make changes sometimes to fit new needs and even what students/teachers wants.” Everett did drop this class when the semester was over so she could focus on more classes based towards her college career.

Audrey Williams, a sophomore, registered for Agriculture Conservation. She describes a typical class period as taking notes and observing the outdoors, they focus on forestry and wildlife. Williams is enjoying her class, as it is a way for her to get outside and explore during school hours. She’s learned about the importance of agriculture, and nature through Conservation. “I think that Fair Grove High School needs to implement new classes,” Williams believes, “That way students can explore and step out of their comfort zone, that way they can see what they like in a more hands-on-environment.”

Fair Grove High School offers 3D Sculpture, Mixed Media, Lifetime Sports, Storytelling, Modern American Literature, Landscaping, Ag Conservation, Debate and Geography. These are all first year classes.