Samantha Horvath

The new year has brought an issue that I have failed to address in my previous writings to light. This issue is American cheese. 

After I had researched about the “cheese” on the amazing website of, it was revealed that this is a processed cheese made from a blend of milk, milk fats, solids, other fats and whey protein concentrate (dairy intake booster). Initially, it was created from a combination of various cheeses, but Colby and Cheddar are used most often. However, since the blending of these cheeses are no longer used to make American cheese, it cannot legally be called a “cheese” and currently is subjected to being labelled as a “processed cheese.” 

Now knowing how it is made, I can move on to the more pressing matter at hand, the taste. American cheese possesses a more interesting taste on the cheese spectrum. It identifies with a creamy and smooth texture, accompanied by a complete waste of seasonings. Being an addition to the American’s most favorite fast food entree, it’s disappointing to know it adds zero extra zest. 

Now don’t think of me as a hater of the cheese, for I hate no cheese. This one in particular, in my opinion, is a good cheese to pick for a grilled cheese sandwich that goes along with a homemade tomato soup. 

I am going to restrain myself from officially giving American cheese a rating. I am extremely biased against the process of production. Everyone has their favorites, and American cheese has a special place at the bottom of my list.

As always, stay cheesy my friends.