FFA Goes Green


Photo by Cole Johnston

First year Fair Grove FFA members at the Greenhand conference

Ashlyn Tiller

The 2020 FFA (Future Farmers of America) Greenhand Conference was held on January 8th at MSU’s Agricultural center. 

In the FFA world, a Greenhand is a term used to describe someone that is a first year FFA member, so either a freshman or someone taking an AG Science 1. A Greenhand also describes someone being somewhat inexperienced within agriculture and the FFA club according to Cole Johnston, one of Fair Groves FFA Sponsors. This means that any first year FFA member can attend the conference. 

At the conference, the FFA members learn about the opportunities available in FFA and the field of agriculture. They learn leadership skills and how the organization can help build a successful future. It also helps build motivation to be active in the FFA chapter. 

Many other schools in the region attended the conference. Johnston feels that the conference gives students an opportunity to meet and interact with other students their own age.

Bailey Richerdson, a junior FFA member, reflected on when she went to the Greenhand Conference. She said, “I think it has inspired some kids to be more involved.” She explained that she believes that the Greenhand conference is important because it is the first FFA event that first year students attend by themselves. Richardson explains that the students have to socialize and experience FFA events for themselves, they can not just stick to their friends. The conferences allows for the students to learn through the fun activities and encourages them to ask any of the questions that they might have.  

Richardson told, “Attending the Greenhand Conference did not necessarily change my point of view on FFA, but instead enhanced it. I saw the work that the Area Officers put into making sure we had a good time, and learned about the organization. It introduced me into an organization with people who shared common interest with me, and encouraged me to stay involved.”