In Honor of the Greats in Fair Grove


Photo by Ashley Lassley

The Hall of Fame monument outside the Fair Grove High School

Ashley Lassley

Outside the Fair Grove High School gymnasium stands a monument that, seemingly, appeared from nowhere, and not much is known about it by the staff or students of the school.

The monument is the Fair Grove Hall of Fame, added to the school grounds a few years ago. It lists the names of people who made an important impact on the town of Fair Grove or have done something significant worth praise. Inductees names are added annually, and anyone can be nominated to be put on the monument. If someone feels that there is a person deserving of a position on the monument, they can go to the Fair Grove Schools website, and there, underneath the alumni link, they can nominate a person of their choice. 

“FGHS graduate, Micheal Allcorn has spear-headed the project,” Lisa Bernet stated. Allcorn proposed the idea to the superintendent of the school, Mr. Mike Bell, a few years ago. After the idea was put forward, selection committees were formed to applicants and determine winners.

The monument that the inductees names are engraved on was donated to the school by Greenlawn Monument Company. Each time new inductees are chosen, they come out and add the names on the monument. After being chosen, each year, the inductees are honored at the Fair Grove Alumni Banquet. 

Regarding the monuments recognition, as mentioned before, not a lot of people within Fair Grove Schools, or the Fair Grove Community itself knows about the monument or what it is. Principle Chris Stallings hopes that its location outside the school will help maximize the opportunity for people to notice it.

The monument itself, despite the small amount of recognition it might have within the school, is still a staple within it and its community, serving to honor Fair Grove citizens, and keep their accomplishments alive. As principal Stallings himself said, “I believe that anything that brings honor and recognition to your alumni will only be a positive for your school.”