Yummy – Justin Beiber


Writer, Ashlyn Tiller

Ashlyn Tiller

On January 3rd, Justin Beiber released his newest single, Yummy. This song is a lead for his up and coming fifth album. This song is the first to come out since his fourth album, Purpose, in 2015. 

The song isn’t the worst, but it’s also not the best. I think it’s cute that Justin is writing songs about his wife, Hailey Baldwin. I also think the slow and chill music behind the lyrics is nice, but I think the song is kind of ruined by the lyrics themselves. 

The lyrics are extremely repetitive, and it’s annoying. Of course they repeated the chorus and certain phrases throughout the song to tie the song together, but even the words within the chorus are overused. There are over 444 words in the song, but only 95 of them aren’t repeated over and over. 

Some of Justin’s vocabulary is good. He uses words that I feel aren’t usually utilized in pop songs like “incriminated” and “compromise”, but he uses more than the necessary amount of “yeah yeah” ,”whoa”, and “babe”, so I feel like the use of big words is just canceled out. I also hate the way he says “hunnid” instead of a hundred. 

Overall, I feel like it’s not the worst pop song out there. It seems like Justin has taken a step back in time to his younger days, but Justin has shown that he can do better, with things like Love Yourself, Sorry, or his feature on 10,000 Hours with Dan and Shay. Yummy is just a letdown.