Overview of the 2020 Junior Varsity Basketball Season

Avery Gautieri

The Junior Varsity Girls’ Basketball Team began their season with a win at Miller, who currently have a season record of (17-3), on December 9th with a score of 18-17. The J.V. Girls’ team continued their winning streak in the following three games, winning on December 19th at Hollister (13-3) with a score of 36-20, on January 27th against Clever (14-5) with a score of 49-29, and again on January 30th at Willow Springs (9-11) with a score of 34-29. The season record for the Fair Grove Junior Varsity Girls’ Basketball team is (4-0) as of February 4th, 2020.

The Junior Varsity Boys’ Basketball Team started their season with a game against Hillcrest, season record of (2-15) on November 26th, losing 36-44. Their following two games were wins, playing against Marshfield (5-13) on December 13th with a score of 59-46, and then again on January 10th against Stockton (6-11) with a score of 57-31. The season record of the Fair Grove Junior Varsity Boys’ team is (2-1) as of February 4th, 2020.