Know Your Worth – Khalid & Disclosure


Writer, Ashlyn Tiller

Ashlyn Tiller

Khalid is a 22 year old singer and song writer. He has over three albums and has released two singles so far this year. 

Disclosure is an electronica duo consisting of two brothers, Howard and Guy Lawrence. They have released two albums and have worked with a countless amount of artists on singles. They have worked with Khalid before on his song, Talk.

I think this song is really cool. The overall message of the song is to know your worth, and instead of staying with that person that’s mistreating you, “you find someone who loves you at your worst.” Which I think is super relevant, and a message that a lot of people need to hear. 

I like the chorus a lot. I think a few of my favorite lines are, “all the things I know you deserve,” and, “say it’s not real if it doesn’t hurt.” From there it goes into finding someone who will put you first, and love you at your worst. I think those two lines tie in nicely with the theme. 

I also really like the post chorus. Khalid sings, “gotta keep, gotta keep, gotta keep your head up” three times and then it goes into other lyrics. It’s catchy, and it keeps the song at a fast pace. I think it fits really well with the chorus. 

The music behind the lyrics is a cute little dance pop moment. It reminds me a lot of Jon Bellion. It’s upbeat and energetic, which fits the message of the song really well. 

Overall I think the song is really good, it’s cute and puts you in a good mood, but at the same time it is deep and has a really good meaning behind it.