Student Council’s Impact on Fair Grove High School


Photo by Bailey Richardson

Senior Taylor Milton, and freshmen Cooper Zumwalt, Kris Hunter and RayAnn Hupman prepping for the dance.

Bailey Richardson

Fair Grove High School’s Student Council consists of students from freshman to seniors, who all share the goal of getting students involved through dances, assemblies, and spirit weeks. 

Elizabeth Holland is a senior and the Student Body President for Fair Grove High School. She helps to plan events such as the Back to School Bash, that takes place at the beginning of the year, Homecoming and Courtwarming. “My favorite part of Student Council is setting up for dances, and coordinating the spirit weeks for each dance,” Holland stated. 

Gracin Wood, a junior, is holding the position as Social Chair. Her duties include planning all the dances, helping with decorations, and working on spirit weeks. “I love being able to help make the school more fun and give people events to look forward to, along with being around my friends on Student Council,” Wood said. She is a two-year member, and appreciates the opportunities being apart of this club offers. She believes the Student Council is important to the school because, “We help the school out with getting everyone pumped up for dances, with the spirit days. We get students excited for the semester and upcoming games with all of our pep assemblies we hold.”

Cooper Zumwalt is a freshman, and serving his first year on the Student Council as a member at large. He enjoys getting to planning and setting up events for the school, as well as watching the plan come together and students having fun. Zumwalt believes, “Student Council is important to the school for two reasons; Student Council plans all of the events and assemblies, which provides opportunities for students to enjoy themselves. The Student Council is a large backbone of our school and community…” He has more easily adjusted to high school because of his work through the Student Council, it has allowed him to see how many things work and are planned. “So far, my favorite event Student Council has put on is Homecoming, but I am extremely optimistic about Courtwarming as well,” Zumwalt stated.

Mr. Michael Van Cleave, the Fair Grove High School math teacher, is one of the sponsors for the Student Council. Van Cleave stated, “Student Council provides a service to the school by planning fun events…we also plan games for assemblies and a few other fun events here and there.” He enjoys sponsoring the club because of the different environment that it offers then the limits of the math classroom. “I enjoy seeing their creativity and am very impressed with how responsible everyone is,” Van Cleave believes in regards to his favorite part of sponsoring Student Council, “They put in a lot of extra time outside of school to make sure everyone has a lot of fun.”

Fair Grove High School students are eligible to run to join Student Council. To run and be elected for this club, they must be voted for by their peers.