El Gran Queso- My Cheesy Experience


Samantha Horvath

In order to properly fulfill a bet I made with my Newspaper teacher, I will be addressing my true obsession with cheese by giving you a bit of an insight into my personal life. I’m sure you’re a bit confused right now as to why I would make such a silly bet, or why I’m not reviewing another cheese. Well, to be completely honest with you, I haven’t got around to acquiring a new and exciting cheese to review for all of you devoted fans. 


To start off, I think I should elaborate on the exact “bet” I made and how it came to be. It all started on a rainy afternoon with my dearest friend, Ashley Lassley. I had invited her over to hang out and noticed that I offered her cheese within the few moments of her arrival. I, of course, had to record my experience with a well constructed tweet. My newspaper teacher, Joseph Florez, quickly responded and stated, “Right an article about that.” I without a doubt took this opportunity as a challenge and responded with, “bet.” A slang phrase meaning taking a risk. Now that I have properly explained the wager, I will now “write an article” about it. 


Growing up in a household where you fend for yourself means complaining about there being no food in sight when in reality there is, and you just don’t want to get up and spend twenty minutes making stovetop macaroni. With the many boxes of stovetop macaroni I convinced myself to make, they revealed more and more reasons to just adore cheese. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Why would I think velveeta or powdered cheese is such a delicacy?” Well let me reassure you that I was a child with terrible taste buds. I’m only telling you this to put the start of my strange obsession into perspective. Fast forward twelve years, and I’m now writing consistent editorials about how I love cheese. 


If that’s not enough of an example for you, I would like to tell you about my adventures in Olive Garden. Everytime, and I mean every time, I go to that delicious (yet expensive) restaurant, I order some type of fettuccine and request extra sauce. Not only this, but when they ask if I want cheese on my meal I say, “oh, please,” and sit there in la-la-land while they shred their entire block of cheese onto my already drenched meal. These blocks of cheese are already used on my salad and/or soup. I’m quite certain they get stressed when I come to consume their cheese stock. 


I occasionally fancy creating my own twist on a classic alfredo. I like to combine a bunch of my favorite cheeses and pour it over delicious tortellini noodles to create an absolute masterpiece. I will once again bring my friend Ashley into the topic and tell you about how she fell in love when first trying it. I’ve never seen such joy and happiness in someone’s face as I did her’s. I honestly have a back up plan to drop engineering and star a cooking show where every meal incorporates a different cheese. Take your classic PB&J and add a slab of mozzarella (Now that I’m thinking that over, it sounds a lot less appetizing as it did at the start. I apologize for creating that image in your head).


The overall food experience of my childhood shaped my taste buds in a positive way to where I now have a weird obsession. Where many people are obsessed without collecting rocks or other small trinkets, I’m obsessed with cheese. I do believe I have completed my “bet”, and I will now, and forevermore, stay cheesy my friends.