Fair Grove Family House Fire

Georgia Whalley

On Friday, January 10th, Fair Grove’s Fire department responded to a call about a local house fire involving the family of two Fair Grove students.

Fair Grove Middle School students, Mason Koller (8) and Kayln Koller (8), lost their house to a fire on the 10th. The reason for the fire is unknown as the tests were inconclusive as to what could have caused the fire. Kayln explained, “They [the fire department] said there was nothing left to tell what had happened.” 

Fair Grove’s High school, Middle School and Elementary held a hat day to raise money for the family on January 31st. Combined, the schools raised between $1,200-$1,400 for the family. Middle School counselor, Mrs. Kristie Lepold, said, “We participated in the hat day, so what we raised went to their family.

As well as the hat day, Lepold bought some necessities for the family soon after the incident she said, “Initially we used some emergency funds to get them some necessities.” Lepold bought the family shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes and other hygiene items as well as some items of clothing to help the family get back on their feet. 

Kayln explained, “They [the school] have been making sure we don’t need anything, and they tried to get us some new Fair Grove shirts…” The counselor has also been regularly checking in on the students to ensure that they have everything they need as well as to make sure they are “holding up.”

Mason expressed, “A lot of my friends have given us clothes and really helped us out.”

The family has since relocated to Buffalo, while still attending Fair Grove Middle School. Mason explained, “Well, we live in Buffalo now… We have to drive to school every morning.” According to Lepold, Mason and Kayln have been continuing school and are handling the situation very well.