Fair Grove Students Wonder About the School Courtyard


Photo by Bailey Richardson

The High school courtyard

Bailey Richardson

Fair Grove High School students have recently taken interest of the purpose of the school courtyard. A frequently asked question is; “Why do they not have daily access to it?”

Mr. Chris Stallings, the Fair Grove High School Principal, explained that currently there are no specific rules regarding student use to the courtyard. The courtyard must however stay locked at all hours. “The courtyard is only used on an as needed basis. On occasion, teachers may choose to take their students to the courtyard.” As to why is it not opened to students, “The courtyard cannot be opened on a daily basis is because we could not provide adequate supervision out there in addition to our halls and classrooms.” Therefore, the courtyard is used for some school events, such as the Homecoming dance. 

Georgia Whalley, is a senior at Fair Grove who believes she would utilize the courtyard. “Personally, I would love to be able to use the courtyard during lunch, or even when going from the library to the end of the other halls.” Whalley continued, “I think it could be a good place to study or work on assignments before and after school.” She has certain opinions on the courtyard, “I think that the courtyard always being closed is a waste…it’s such a pretty area during the fall and spring seasons.” She believes that the courtyard could be used before and/or after school for studying, or even just allowing students to get some outside time. “We are constantly in a brick building and sometimes I wish I could just go outside and breathe of a bit,” Whalley stated in regards to the advantages of having a courtyard. 

Erin Blevins, a junior at Fair Grove High School, has similar opinions on the use of the courtyard. Blevins wishes that the space was available for students, “…kids could go out and read or just chill during the day.” She believes that the courtyard would be a good tool to allow students to unwind from their sometimes stressful days. “Being outside improves our [students] moods…while being inside all day can get boring…” Blevins stated. 

As for Fair Grove High School students, “Opening up the courtyard for student use has not been a consideration. It is an isolated area that would require additional teacher or administrative supervision,” According to Stallings.