COVID-19 Affects the Class of 2020


Dory Baker

COVID-19 has caused school to be out until April 24th and possibly longer. Most extracurricular events are canceled or postponed, leaving the seniors feeling cheated of their final high school memories.

Classes for Fair Groves High School students have been moved online until school can be resumed. Autumn Stewart(12) commented, “I feel like I am learning less, and between work and the virus it’s a lot.” She complained about it being hard to focus at home because of siblings and other responsibilities. 

Almost all clubs, sports, and organizations were affected by these cancellations. Choir and band concerts were cancelled, NSDA districts were cancelled, and all spring sports are currently postponed. Hale Beckley(12) stated, “Personally it has brought down my hopes for the season. With the possibility of me not ever getting to play the sports I love one last time, it has been tough.”

On a positive note, this extended “break” has given people an opportunity to spend time with family and get things done. “I have been able to video chat with a lot of my friends and strengthen relationships with them. I’ve also had time to pick up new hobbies such as painting and terrarium making,” mentioned Abbygayle Quirino(12). 

One common worry the seniors share is the uncertainty of prom, graduation and overall closer for their high school career. “I feel as though I unknowingly had my last day of high school, which scares me,” explained Abigail Everet(12).

As we are in a continuum of uncertainty, our focus remains on having these events as scheduled,” Principal Chris Stallings assured,This is such a tremendous group of seniors. They have done so much for our school that it is heartbreaking to know that we are even having these conversations. We will do everything in our power to see that they get to experience these milestone events.”