Spring Sports Halted Due To COVID-19


Samantha Horvath

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, all activities with Dpring sports at Fair Grove schools have been postponed by MSHSAA until April 24th. 

Initially, the postponement was until April 3th and activities would continue the following day; however, due to the extension on the cancellation of the school, Spring sports was additionally postponed until the school is reopened. MSHSAA announced on Monday, March 16 that they would not be cancelling Spring sports due to the Coronavirus. At this time, Spring sports are to be continued at Fair Grove when the school is reopened for class. 

The Spring sports offered at Fair Grove are soccer, golf, baseball, softball, and track. One of the sports teams greatly affected by the postponement is the softball team. The team started preparing unofficially for the Spring season by having Sunday practices, along with workouts, that started at the beginning of the year. Tara Whetzell, the Head Coach, stated, “The time and work our softball players have given throughout this entire year has been remarkable for our team culture, and I wanted that to be celebrated during our jamboree, games, stops at McDonald’s, bus rides home, and team building activities.” 

Many students participating in Spring sports have experienced a great loss from this delay. One student in particular is Junior, Morgan Kern. One of the biggest effects of the draw back to her was the events missed through the season such as senior night. Kern commented, “We’re not just a team, we’re a family.” 

There is not an official way for the members of the sports teams to continue having practice at this time other than individual practice or workouts on their own; however, many of the teams have stayed connected while being at home with activities such as group chats, video chats, and some teams have even made skits. With all things considered, the students and coaches understand the severity of their situation and only hope for the safety and health of families and citizens.