Twitter’s Thoughts on COVID-19


Nate Brigman

With all the free time quarantine provides, it was inevitable that there would be some hot takes and humorous reactions on Twitter to the COVID-19 outbreak. Here are seven reactions to various aspects of the pandemic and the changes to society it has brought, from average people to verified celebrities.

  1. A well-played Disney parody that is easily accessible and just really funny:
  2. With toilet paper running low, this guy has a treasure of legendary proportions:
  3. A cat tweet, pure and simple:
  4. This isn’t even a joke, honestly:
  5. Mark Hamill gives some relevant advice, while still getting in some Star Wars humor (naturally):
  6. Parodying the “my kid said…” tweet is a time-honored tradition on Twitter, and this is one of the better ones:
  7. Finally, some literary humor as to the real origins of COVID-19: