Erin Blevins

All across the country schools have been closing. Not only did schools close, but most public events have been cancelled or postponed. Everything from sporting events to public events held in Springfield are no longer scheduled. 


Some events have made exceptions to let students have a little bit of what they have lost. Overall though, most students are upset about all of the time they are missing. 


Students that have started spring sports are disappointed that they don’t get to have their season. Although they are doing activities on their own outside of school, they are still upset. The seniors of sports are more irritable than others they feel as if the last year of fun is being stripped away. 


A Fair Grove student, Autumn Worth commented, “Me and my sister have been working hard for this season, to have it not happen is super disappointing.” The coaches and staff are all in the same boat as the kids. Although most of them get to have a lot more opportunities for activities, they miss the kids. 


On the other hand, some kids are revealed to get a break from everything, even the competition. Nate Brigman, another Fair Grove student, informed, “It’s kind of nice to have all this free time and not have to worry about events.” 


No matter what the students are feeling, most of them are trying to make the most of the situation.


Each student that works at sports, band, theatre, or just rely on school, are all attempting to continue the activities at home. Staying active and practicing self care is important while we can’t have social interaction.