Fall Sports vs. Coronavirus


Lydia Engel

Fair Grove High School’s fall sports teams plan to continue their seasons in the upcoming fall of 2020 despite COVID-19’s promise of return. With relative certainty in return of school in August, coaches are preparing for their seasons throughout the summer and fall.


The coronavirus has affected everyone, especially those students who planned on playing spring sports such as track, baseball, softball, and golf. Volleyball Coach Tonya Peck shared, “[The missing season] is why my heart hurts so much right now for our spring sport coaches and athletes.”


The spring sports seasons were cancelled along with school due to the recent pandemic, but how will the virus affect fall sports? As of right now, not very much.


Samantha Padgett, Head Cheerleading Coach, stated, “As of right now, we are still trying to prepare for the fall season as we would have, had the virus not impacted us.” She went on to explain that the cheer team will not be competing in the upcoming season, so the only impact the virus would have on the team would be if football games were cancelled.


Coach Bill Voohris gave no response to the questions on the matter of the football team’s upcoming season.


“From a volleyball perspective, my athletes should not expect anything different than what is normally expected,” Coach Peck explained, “I expect my girls to show up ready to work hard, be dedicated, and grow as a team.” 


Coach Peck and Coach Padgett both plan to continue their team’s activities planned for the summer with flexibility and back up plans. The cheer and volleyball teams still have plans for their camps and training during the summer. “I have told my athletes that there may be a chance that we will have to move some things around and to just be flexible,” Coach Peck stated, “The one good thing that might come with not having our typical summer schedule is that all other schools will be in the same boat.” While the summer training for the fall sports seems to be going smoothly, no one knows how the seasons will actually play out when the time comes.


“I am optimistic that no cheerleader will have to miss out on their season due to this virus,” Coach Padgett shared, “However, everything is unpredictable at this time, so, if our season were to be cancelled I would say how very sorry I am that they are having to miss out on yet another sporting season due to this virus.” It all comes down to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA) for permission to move on safely with the fall sports seasons. For now, the sports teams will move on as normally as possible.


Falls sports seem to be unaffected at the moment, but the virus’ predicted return in the fall may put a stop to the normality of high school sports from returning anytime soon. “I know that every precaution that is taken is in the best interest of everyone involved and so it is important that we follow all the measures put in place,” Coach Padgett informed, “Although, this does not make missing out any easier, and as soon as the time comes we will be taking advantage of the time we get to be together again.”