Time Spent Outside Is Time Well Spent


Bailey Richardson

While quarantine may leave students and teachers at Fair Grove High School bored, many are finding the great outdoors to be a way to stay active and positive through these times.

Taylor Essary, a senior, has used her time in quarantine to hike, bike, and go for walks. “Being able to go outside has really changed my attitude about constant staying inside. I’ve been missing out on nature and it’s beauty,” Essary stated, “It’s even made me more positive and active.”

During a time where staying positive can be a challenge for people, Essary believes that getting out of her house has helped her mental state, “Personally, being confined to a small space for a long period of time makes me very anxious and paranoid, so getting out and taking advantage of nature has really helped me,” she explained. Essary thinks others should get out and take advantage of nature because, “Nature is free! All you have to do is be willing to admire it and protect it. You will see a whole new perspective.”

Brendan Carroll, a history teacher at Fair Grove High School, talks about how many different opportunities he’s had to get outside during this quarantine. “I’ve gone on a lot of walks with my wife. We’ve been to Dogwood Canyon and hiked the trails there, we also rode part of the Frisco Trail on our bikes one day,” Carroll described in regards to the activities he and his family have done. Showing that there’s a lot more to do then just walk, he went to Fellows Lake kayaking as well. Carroll believes that being outside is important because, “simply being outside makes you feel better, the fresh air and sun are rejuvenating.” 

Taylor Rode, a freshman at Fair Grove, believes being able to go outside and enjoy nature has allowed her to have a better appreciation for what she has. “I have done quite a bit outdoors during this quarantine, including yard work, and playing with our dogs and horses.” Rode informed, “I also have been playing in our creek with my little sister, and going to the lake with my family.” She believes that going outside has helped her stay positive and relaxed. “Other people should go outside because of its ability to unwind you. Going outside and being active for just a short amount of time can improve your mood,” Rode noted.

Many great outdoor activities can be found around Fair Grove:

Fair Grove City Park (815 N Orchard Blvd, Fair Grove, MO)

Frisco Bike Trail (starts at 3845 W. Kearney, Springfield, MO)

Fellows Lake (4208 E FR 66, Springfield, MO)

Ritter Springs Park (3683 W FR 92, Springfield, MO)

Valley Water Mill Park (2400 E Valley Water Mill Rd, Springfield, MO)

Springfield Conservation Nature Center (4601 S Nature Center Way, Springfield, MO)

Dogwood Canyon (2038 W St Hwy 86, Lampe, MO)