Reopening Procedures Released: Fair Grove Will Continue Through COVID-19


Mitch Van Cleave, Editor in Chief

The Fair Grove School District has recently released their new plan for dealing with the 2020-2021 school year amidst a COVID-filled atmosphere.

The procedures outlined by the document include many details and instructions on how the school will operate with minimal exposure of the virus. While the plan is several pages long and comprises multiple stipulations required for in-person education, some points stand out more than others.

One of the major specifications involves masks. The document states, “Facial coverings will be strongly encouraged for all students, and required for students grades 5-12 and all staff.  Each student/staff member will receive a district provided (washable/reusable) mask the first day of school.” 

Throughout the plan, the term “cohort” is mentioned several times. For example, the plan mentions, “Students will be kept in cohorts when possible and eat lunch in designated areas assigned to that cohort.” Cohorts seem to be small, assigned groups of students that are in place to decrease large gatherings as much as possible. Students are also instructed to refrain from congregating in large, open spaces.

When it comes to the classroom, physical distancing appears to be the main theme of safety. Faculty will be instructed to create as much space in between students’ desks as possible. The plan also outlines that students will have to use hand sanitizer when entering and leaving a classroom.

Online schooling is also supported by the district in the case that an individual does not wish to send their child to in-person school. The plan confirms, “If a parent or caregiver has reservations about sending their student to school to begin the 2020-2021 school year they may request a Virtual Learning option through Launch by contacting the appropriate building administrator.”

The new mask policy also accounts for athletics. Masks and screenings are required for all involved, and water breaks are to be staggered in order to distance as much as possible.

Many stipulations are in place, but the system does not seem to be set in stone. On multiple pages, the document mentions that rules will be altered according to the stipulations of each building, and that measures may be updated as more information becomes available.


The PDF can be accessed here: