Elementary Classroom Attempt to Raise Spirits


Mrs. Strader’s third grade classroom during the school day.

Joshua Orr

There have been many changes made to the school environment, including virtual learning, masks, social distancing, and a lot different teaching techniques. Those include power points, slide shows, documentaries, videos, ect. With that being said, the elementary has other ways to keep the students motivated to learn. 

Mrs. McKeever, a fourth grade teacher at Fair Grove, evaluated, “I am being over-enthusiastic about each learning skill, doing several interactive and movement brain breaks throughout the day, and rewarding students with classroom cash as I see them do great things and keep a positive attitude throughout each school day.” Teachers are finding new ways to approach things, but with everything that’s going on, more precautions must be made in order to stay safe. 

Mrs. Kennard, Reading Recovery and kindergarten literacy group teacher, stated, “I have a plexiglass barrier that I put in the center of my table which separates me from the child.” 

She continued, “Each time a child touches a marker or a book, I have to make sure those things are sanitized before another student touches them.  I make sure to wipe off tables and chairs between each student and we use lots of hand sanitizer!” Mrs. Kennard also explained how she has ordered masks with clear panels in the front, in order for the students to see the movements of her mouth to get a better understanding of how to pronounce words correctly. 

Every teacher goes through some challenges, and Mrs. McKeever explained hers, “[The students] really want to interact with their classmates in close proximity. We have adapted to this with friendly reminders, stressing the awareness of personal space ‘bubbles’, and placing visual space markers on the floor and tables. They are getting better at remembering each day.” 

A challenge usually comes along with everything, and how the teachers and students adapt to those challenges can affect the students’ learning tremendously. Elementary teachers are trying their hardest to make this year as good as any other.