Sorry, We’re Not Accepting Grandparents At This Time


Emma Schlak

As Fair Grove Elementary moves through the year, students and staff will see things that have changed due to COVID-19, and how it affects the way things function.

Some activities are able to continue with added precautions, while others have been forced to cancel due to the inherent risks of COVID-19. Unfortunately, one of the more current events that the community won’t be seeing this year is Grandparent’s Day. In a normal year, Grandparent’s Day would be a time where older generations of Fair Grove families are celebrated. 

The grandparents would normally come and spend half of the day with their grandchildren. When spending time together, they could either participate in crafts and things that the teachers had planned, get pictures taken, or go to the book fair together to shop for a new book to read.

Grandparent’s day has been coupled with the Elementary Book Fair for quite a few years, and has always been one of the main events of the day. When the librarian, Mrs. Hampton, was asked what would be different with the book fair this year, she responded, “We are still going to try to have a book fair, but we won’t be able to have anyone but students at our fair.” This year the elementary hopes to have their book fair in October; however, there will not be any opportunity to shop outside of the students’ library times. 

The book fair is not the only thing missing from this day of celebration. Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Lucas, spoke on what she would miss the most from this fun day with families. Lucas stated, “The thing I’m missing the most are the smiles from the kids and grandparents.  I also miss all of the excitement from both and the love that is shared that day.”

Second grade teacher, Mrs. McKeever said, “I just love the day as a whole because the energy and love radiates throughout the building through the grandparents’ and grandkids’ joy of being together.” Even though the elementary is unable to partake in their annual celebration, the joy and memories still lingers.