Middle School Volleyball Preparing for A New Season


Middle School Volleyball Player During the September 21st Game

Emiliano Baird

The middle school volleyball team is serving up a new season, which began with an away game held at Forsyth on September 14.

The team this year will have two coaches to guide them to success this season with Nancy Downing, who will be coaching the 8th grade, and Haley Stallings, a Fair Grove alumni, who will be coaching the 7th grade. “Coach Stallings has come in to coach the 7th grade team, and the fact that I coached her when she was in junior high gives us a special relationship. I think we’re learning a lot from each other and she brings some fresh ideas which hopefully will translate into a successful season,” Downing added. 

“Our main goal this season is to make the most out of every single game, practice, and day we are given. We have switched our mentality to a mindset of gratefulness. Counting everyday we are on the court as a blessing,” Stallings commented. The team this year consists of 12 seventh graders, and 11 eighth graders, making 23 total members ready to take on the new season.  “We stress that we are a family and every member of that family has a responsibility to do their job and support each other,” Downing commented. 

The volleyball team will have 10 more games including a tournament held at Stockton in the near future for the season. The teams next game will be held September 17 against Pershing. Coach Stallings concluded with, “My only expectations are for my girls to give me 110% all the time.  This year hits a little different than most. The girls know that at any point our season could be over. This year we never take a day on the court for granted and we get after it from 3:30-4:15 everyday.”

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