Pasta La Vista


Samantha Horvath

Samantha Horvath

I like pasta, I hope you like pasta too. If you don’t, then why in the world are you reading this in the first place. If you’ve been here since the beginning of El Gran Queso, then I congratulate you on becoming an alumni. If you are completely new to my reviews, El Gran Queso was my cheese review in which I tasted and cooked with strange cheeses. I would highly recommend joining that wild ride and trying some of the cheeses that I had to suffer through last year. 

Just like all of my old periodicals, I will be uploading a review of new or old pastas that I have had the pleasure of trying. In this week’s review, I will review variations of the common comfort food of Macaroni and Cheese. The most well known type of macaroni and cheese is the common box version where you boil the elbow macaroni noodles and then add the dry or wet substance pre packaged within the box. This is an alright version of mac and cheese if you are an uncultured swine who doesn’t have taste buds. Shame on you if you genuinely “like” this type of mac and cheese. Not only do you have to succumb to the disgusting processed cheese, but you also have no choice in the type of flavor you want to divulge in. I understand that it is a cheaper and easier way to enjoy the food, but you could honestly cook a three ingredient mac and cheese for so much cheaper. Now that you know the worst type of mac and cheese, I can only help in culturing you in the phenomenal way to make your mouth happy. My personal favorite is any flavor of mac and cheese, but placed in the oven and baked to a perfect golden crunch. Add a little onion topping to add texture and that right there will make your taste buds tap dance. 

To the basic ingredients of mac and cheese, I like to make it completely home made by starting with a roue and then adding all sorts of cheese. My all time favorite cheese to add is parmigiano reggiano, however, you can choose whatever cheese or cheeses you fancy. The more cheese you add, the better the sauce for the pasta. Try a little cream cheese to the mixture for some added creaminess. After all the ingredients are combined, you can then add the mixture to a baking dish and optionally add a golden brown top. 

I hope I was able to notify you about the best way to enjoy the all time classic macaroni and cheese as well as advise you against ever purchasing boxed pre-made macaroni. As always, don’t be an impasta my friends.