Cross Country Starts the Season on a New Leg


Cross Country meet from September 22nd at Stockton.

Devon Miller

The Fair Grove Cross Country team, with the help of new coach, Jalen Supancic, is entering a season full of potential this year. 

Supancic said, “The team this year is consistently improving and beginning to place higher as teams. Both the guys and girls are young teams and have bright futures ahead of them!”

The cross country team has consistently been making improvements and breaking personal records. Freshman Isaac Walters said, “This season as a whole has been going really well. I’m proud that I’ve been able to push on the final leg of all our meets. I’ve done the best I could for every race.”

Supancic said, “As a new coach, I would like to continue to instill the mentality that hard work will always pay off.” An important part of Cross Country is to push through mental barriers and really embrace physical potential.

Johnna Duncan, the lone senior on the team, said, “Some changes I have made for this season are eating well, which makes a big impact on how I run, and drinking a lot of water.” Coach Supancic also said that, “Johnna Duncan is our lone senior and she is doing a great job of encouraging and leading the younger runners and helping them find their stride.”

A family team mentality is one thing that seems to also help keep positivity and effort up. Walters stated, “If anyone is looking to join Cross Country, I would tell them about how amazing it is to be a working part of the team, and of our Cross Country family.”

The next Cross Country meet will be Tuesday, October 6th, in Pleasant Hope. 


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