Adventure is Out There!


Emma Schlak

With the stay-cation mode brought on by 2020, my family – like many others – has lost out on our social adventures. We normally go visit family (which we have all around the Midwest and Great Lakes); sometimes we will go hiking or find a new place to adventure in. On the trip to pick up our new car, my parents discovered this somewhat obscure place called the Hangar Kafe. The next weekend we took our maiden voyage and went there for my brother’s birthday. We are part of a larger family of airplane enthusiasts and this seemed a fun new thing to try, and we really enjoyed it. Now we hope to have a new adventure each month. These articles can hopefully lend ideas for your own family trips, or better yet, inspire you on to greater adventures.

The Hangar Kafe is a unique, themed cafe located on a small air strip in Miller, MO. You can enjoy great food, see various planes, and – if you have a taste for adventure – you can take a plane ride, go sky diving, and on certain days even take a hot air balloon ride. 

The Hangar Kafe has a diverse menu filled with options. The staff serve breakfast, a variety of sandwiches and burgers which can be paired with multiple sides, and a daily special. With outdoor and indoor eating areas you can eat in the hanger or under the sun and possibly watch as some people skydive. When I went with my family, the staff was very kind and helpful, the employees were always working as quickly as possible and making sure we were well taken care of. 

I didn’t personally go up in the plane, but my father and siblings did. They were up for around ten to fifteen minutes, and when they came back they couldn’t stop talking about how cool it was. We didn’t go skydiving, however we watched multiple groups jump and it looked like lots of fun. Most were tandem diving groups; however, if you have the required time and training then you can dive on your own. The plane rides and skydiving may be what would draw your attention towards this little place on the back roads of Miller. 

The Hangar Kafe has very specific hours from 7am to 3pm, weekdays and 7 – 9 weekends. From the High School building it would take roughly an hour so you would need to plan your visit accordingly.

Their website:, where you can access more information and their menu if you want to see what they serve.

An adventure doesn’t always have to be extravagant. It can be as big as a cruise or as little as a trip to your local thrift shop. It just depends on what it means to you, so go out and create your own story. If you stop by, make sure you try the pie!

Address : 3103 LAWRENCE 1070, MILLER, MO 65707

Phone Number : (417)-752-2277