Student Feature: Jordan Dodd


Photo provided by Jordan Dodd. Dodd is #6 pictured.

Zoey Hupman

Jordan Dodd, a senior at Fair Grove, plays lacrosse for Republic High School in his free time. Dodd is a new student who has been playing lacrosse since last spring.

Lacrosse is something very foreign to Fair Grove, it’s something people don’t know a lot about. “Lacrosse is a team sport where we use the head of a lacrosse stick with a net in it to carry, pass, and shoot a rubber ball into a netted goal,” explained Dodd. He went on to say that there are three defensive players on the field along with three offensive players. There are also three midfielders and one goalie which makes a total of 10 players, per team, on the field at one time. Just like any other sport, a lot goes into actually being game ready. “Practices include lots of conditioning and drills. The coaches like to work with individual groups a lot as well,” stated Dodd. 

Lacrosse is similar to other sports in many ways, one being the team aspect. If teams don’t have good chemistry, they don’t usually succeed, or other problems arise the further into the season they get. Dodd stated, “The team really bonds together and works through its problems. I honestly can’t say that I have been on a more devoted and trusting team.” Dodd continued to say that although his team has setbacks, they tend to always work through them.

Dodd got into playing lacrosse last spring while he was attending Republic High School. Although Dodd has moved to Fair Grove, he is continuing to play on Republic’s team. 

There was a point when Dodd was going to play baseball last season, but things turned out a little differently than he planned. “I originally played baseball but I didn’t like their team, so I went for lacrosse because my friends that were on the team told me to play,” explained Dodd.

Dodd’s lacrosse season doesn’t actually start until spring, and he’s hoping it will happen as his last season got cut short due to COVID-19. His games are held in Kansas City, Saint Louis, Columbia, and Republic.