Stunting For Success


The Fair Grove High School cheer team during the homecoming performance.

Kris Hunter

Fair Grove cheerleaders took the field with their halftime performance, September 23rd, at the homecoming game. Preparation for this routine started mid August and choreography was started two years ago. 

The song selection for this performance sounded familiar to many with known pop artists, such as Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj, and more. Returner Reese Wells (10) stated, “We had to choose the music.” Choreography was started two years ago by captain Carissa Thompson (12) and Co-captain Jeri Mcdougal (11), “Me and the co captain Jeri have created the routines for the past 2 years. We go off of what’s trending at the time or what we think will look cool,” says Thompson.

In this routine we saw more than we have in the past, Thompson explained, “ Our cheer performance is a lot more dynamic and difficult than in years past. We have 2 dances, one main stunt, tumbling, and a pyramid. It will be fun to watch.” Sophomore Brooklyn Mauldin (10) shared her favorite part of this routine, “My favorite part of our routine for the halftime show is definitely the music and stunts we do! I can’t reveal too many details, but the cheerleaders have worked hard for weeks perfecting the difficult stunts that go with it!” 

First time high school performer, Desiree Labaw (9), shares her worries about this performance, “My favorite part about this routine is the dances and the first stunt, however the hardest part would have to be hitting the stunt. We have to make sure we hit them on the counts.” However team member Mauldin says the most difficult part for her would be counts.

“The hardest part about this routine is timing. Sure the stunts are hard and moves are difficult, but if you get even a little off count it definitely shows! Constantly counting in your head is a struggle because if two people are off that could cause an accident with the flyer in the air.” Wells said, “I think the hardest part of this routine will be stamina. It’s very high energy and fast paced, so the hardest part will probably be keeping that level of energy.” 

Although the cheerleaders expressed the fears they have for the stunts, counts, and stamina, captain Thompson says, “Our team doesn’t give up and we communicate with each other about what we think is going wrong and how we can fix it.”