Golf Putts into Action


Garrett Love, Reporter

Coach Brian Tucker is looking forward to the 2016 golf season almost as much as the players. Coach Tucker said “I have good expectations for this year.” Brian said that the players have been preparing for the golf season by going out during the summer and playing on their own time; however, one of the challenges he said they faced is “Finding a good day during the winter to play.” One of Tucker’s goals this upcoming season is to qualify for sectionals.
The Fair Grove golf team looks to come into the 2015-16 season swinging strong with returning players, and the addition of new freshmen. Their JV team had a fairly successful season last year placing second in their conference. Last year was not exactly the best season for the varsity though. “We could’ve been better at varsity spots and there is always room for improvements” said Noah Nivens. Noah said that his goal for this year is to get a good spot on the varsity team.
Some of the freshmen have been getting ready during the offseason, hoping to make a good first impression on their new team-mates. Shain Lahey, a freshman, said “During the offseason to get ready, I have been going to golf courses every week and practicing the basics with my instructor.” Another thing he has been doing is getting in the weight room when possible. One of his goals for this year is to help the team by playing good enough to go to districts, and is looking forward to playing golf and having fun.
Another freshmen hoping to have an impact on this year’s golf team is Jacob Bethurem. He is excited playing golf and hopes to get a spot on the varsity team. Jacob hasn’t just been working on his skills during the off season, he has worked all summer on his skills. “I want to hit more birdies than pars & have no bogies.” Jacob said about his goals for this year. Another one of his goals for this year, like Shain, is to help put a district championship plaque on the gym. All in all, the golf team is looking forward to having a repeat of another strong year with the help of new freshmen players.