An Act of Kindness For Fair Grove Elementary


Jeff Skinner, Joe Monday, Ashley Monday, and FG elementary principal, Charity Hollan

Samantha Horvath

Springfield Trailer employees made a donation on December 18th to resolve lunch debt of students at Fair Grove Elementary. The debt accumulated has caused stress for families of students attending.

With the spirit of giving, Ashley Monday (Springfield Trailer owner), Jeff Skinner (Technician) and Joe Monday (Parts Salesman) gathered together a generous donation to help the students and their families of the Fair Grove Elementary school district. The elementary principal, Charity Hollan, states, “It was not a planned donation, but one that was extremely appreciated! It was an amazing time to help the families of our school!” In accordance with Hollan, the school’s food service director, Sandy Duff, comments, “They just offered [with] no specific reason.” 

The average cost for elementary lunch meals, in the state of Missouri, can range from $1.25-$1.90. The Fair Grove school district offers a free or reduced program to help students and their families in need.

According to the Food Service Management on the Fair Grove R-X School District website, a student may not accumulate over ten unpaid meal charges. After a student accumulates five unpaid meal charges, parents/guardians are encouraged to submit an application for free or reduced price meals.

If an application has not been submitted, the student is then referred to the counselor for intervention. Intervention includes assessing hardships, barriers, inform parent/guardians of lunch charges and to encourage them to submit that application. As well as offering any assistance to complete said application.

To avoid student lunch debt, the district will notify parents/guardians with a timely notification of balances running low as well as working with parents/guardians to create a payment plan. 

Unpaid meal charges without a payment plan are considered a “delinquent” debt after 90 days of nonpayment. If the district determines the debt is collectible, the debt can then be turned over to a collection agency when the superintendent or designee determines that’s in the best interest of the district. 

If the district does not decide to turn over the debt to a collection agency due to it being too costly or impossible, it is classified as “bad debt” which can then be covered using local, non federal funds. For instance local contributions from organizations or individuals, such as the generous donation made by Springfield Trailer.