Cheerleading Springs Into a New Season


The Fair Grove High School Cheerleaders

Andrew Shurtz

Cheerleading has started practices and has been at all the football games, however they have not been able to get into the swing of things fully due to COVID-19. Ashlyn Tiller, a senior on the cheerleading team, elaborated the goals for this season. She stated, “Right now we aren’t stunting due to COVID, so our biggest goal is looking good on the sidelines, we spend our practices working on loud voices and sharp motions for our cheers and dances.” 

Ashlyn spoke out about who the important leaders on the team are and how they will affect the team this season. She stated, “Really any of our upperclassmen are supposed to be leaders, but the biggest ones are our captains, Chloe Reynaud, Mckenzie Chandler and I. We hope to bring positive energy and support to our team.”

The cheerleading team practices, but isn’t currently practicing a lot because of other sports that are taking place right now, such as volleyball. Chloe Reynaud (11) stated, “We only practice about one to two times a week, but if you’re asking about all season, leaning more towards four days a week.” Getting new freshman is always an exciting thing every year, and the cheerleading team seemed to have gotten quite a few. Chloe Stated, “Yes, we do have a bunch of freshmen! Savanna Ipock, Kalyn Koller, Jeri Mcdougual, Stephanie Dunham, and Hannah Bruner”.

Freshman can always be a driving factor when starting a new year in sports. Audrey Williams, a junior on the Fair Grove Volleyball team, stated, “I think the freshmen are really good! They bring lots of team spirit and positivity to the squad. Also, a few of them are really strong, so when it comes to stunting they will have a huge impact on a couple stunt groups.” As the year progresses, the freshman will continue to become a huge factor in the cheerleading team.

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