Rey Del Queso


Samantha Horvath

It’s been a few weeks and you’ve had time to process my previous review. I do apologize that this review isn’t quite what you expected, as in, I’m not reviewing goat cheese. However, I will try and acquire it and keep my promise for a later editorial. Nevertheless, now that you’ve returned for more, I’d like to welcome you. In this week’s writing, I’m going to be giving a review of Parmigiano Reggiano, or otherwise commonly classified in the food industry as the King of Cheese. 

I first tried this Italian cheese when I was tasked with making a recipe for roasted potatoes, a simple, yet delicious comfort food. I veered from the original recipe and decided to call upon my obsession of cheese. When I started my scavenge for a new and exciting ingredient, my eyes immediately set upon a new plastic wrapped cheese that had been placed in my fridge. With excitement, I quickly snatched the cheese and read the words, Parmigiano Reggiano. 

I was overcome with joy and persuaded by my conscience to sample it. When I initially sliced into the small block, it crumbled into little tiny chunks of glory. Beautiful, white, Italian chunks of cheese glory.

At first chew there was a powerful kick of bitterness. It wasn’t a bad bitter, rather a rustic one, like grapefruit. It was quite a miraculous sensation to my tastebuds. It was now time for the second taste, the true test. With the initial expectations from the first bite, my tastebuds were now open to experience more. Placing the second and final piece into my mouth, it felt as if time had sped up. The Parmigiano almost immediately dissolved, similar to warm butter in a hot pan. 

Now that you’ve finally reached the ending point, I would like to voice a final number rating on Parmigiano Reggiano. In my previous review I gave Habenero Jack a well deserved eight out of ten. With that said, putting Parmigiano on the same rating scale would only be fair. So, I rate it a very fair six out of ten. The cheese itself is quite strong, so pairing it with a creamy sauce or even a topping on a steak would be well advised. 

Thank you again for joining me on this journey. As said before, stay cheesy my friends.